Discover new web3 projects super early and get Insights you can’t get anywhere elseSocial analytics platform leveraging Machine Learning for finding, tracking and analysing early Web3 projects.
  • October 2022Since
  • 2.7MTwitter Accounts scanned
  • 4000+Early web3 projects discovered
  • 30+Average amount of projects per day
  • 2500+Number of Smart Accounts Labeled
  • 700+Reports written

Alpha Hunters, Smart Investors and Teams use Moni to have an edge on the market

  • Dashboard Of early projects

    Get a real-time updated dashboard featuring the latest projects. Analyse thousands of existing projects. Sort and filter them by chain, segment, score, followers, mentions and date.

  • Watchlists

    Focus on your interests. Create convenient lists of projects and smart accounts for yourself.

  • Smart Tracker

    Focus on Actions, Not Words. To get the real alpha track the followings of the top Crypto Twitter accounts: VCs, DAOs, founders, devs, degens, traders and influencers.

  • AlertsNever miss an opportunity

    Keep track of every new project, post, smart mention, description and name update, new link, following/unfollowing actions of Smart accounts. Set up notifications and get them in Telegram or Discord.

  • Deep Followers Analytics

    Identify followers that are smart (VC members, alpha hunters, Angel Investors, Influencers, Founders and other). Check their tags and history of followings.

  • Twitter Checker

    Research any Twitter account you want and get Insights for your further decisions.

  • Metrics and charts of the projectUncover alpha opportunities with a powerful platform for social stats analysis
    • Chains and segments
    • Follows and unfollows
    • Mentions
    • All events
    • The number of smart followers
    • Score
    • Smart Mentions
    • New Tweets
    • Bio changes
    • New Tag
    • Link update
  • step oneAuth via wallet
  • step two Add projects to your watchlist
  • step threeConfigure alerts to Discord/Telegram
  • step fourNever miss out on alpha and profitable opportunities
Level upyour Alpha skills.

We bring a comprehensive set of tools that OG crypto investors, alpha hunters, and teams need to discover and track new early projects.

Use exclusive data generated by the Moni ML algorithm, all you needed in one platform.

Join Moni Alpha to get all features of the platform and join an exclusive smart community full of top crypto alpha hunters and investors. Spots are limited.

  • Extension

    Learn more about accounts and projects on Twitter with just 1-click. Use chrome extension as your AI fren. Download

  • Analytics

    Discover alpha with a powerful social analytics platform. Set up Alerts to always be on top of everything important.

  • Reports

    Save your time with daily and weekly reports full of fresh news and early alpha projects by Moni Analysts. Learn More

Own the Data, Outplay the Market.

Delivering dope projects. Early.

  • Mellow Mike

    If you wanna stay up to date and always be early on everything DeFi @getmoni_io is the place to be! Individually selected members make it one of the smartest and most active communities. Everything that made me money in crypto the past 6 months I've heard here first..

  • Marlon Brandoge

    Got to say, not only Moni provides a huge amount of value to its community but, the damn discord is full of vibes. Fells like a small family that works hard to provide value to each other, so for any randos, don't be shy and pop into our discord Big love and Gambate #MoniFAM

  • Evrial

    To succeed in the market, it's crucial to recognize your edge. In crypto, that means fast access and processing of information. @getmoni_io Wizards delivers just that!

  • Smart anon

    On top of being a great community of builders, researcher and degens, Moni provides the best platform I've ever used to find the alfas we all need. Tracking, watchlist, reports.. it's huge, no cap

  • Smart anon

    Honestly, for pricing it is about the target consumer imo; if in a bull market this is cheap. personally, I think this is affordable compared to HnC, plus we get a daily alpha report posted on the Notion. I like the website dashboard and place to track Twitter growth, this is what HnC missed, actually. Finding early project is easy but finding if it gains traction is something else Moni provides this so it's a win.

  • OnlyGetC | Ivan Yablonskiy

    I want to tell you about @getmoni_io, and their tool. After 7 days of the trial, using i can tell you that this is the best tool for Web3 in the whole world🔥

  • Don_Brains

    I would like to say that Moni is such a gem platform, and most ppl are sleeping on it; kudos to the devs and team. As a Dev myself (not as good as you) I have to say it, when I first stumbled on Moni, i was like wtf this is life-changing shit

  • ElPadreDeLosGatos

    The Twitter bots help you see what the smartest people in crypto are looking at. Even better the bot aggregates and gives scores based on how smart they are. So you can front-run influencers before they have even bought. The community is second to none, some of the smartest chads are in. The Moni team is super connected and helpful, the whitelists I got have paid for the cost of membership many times over

  • Degen anon

    Community and team. Very productive and intelligent people with great experience in crypto who share their knowledge and new strategies. I also noticed for myself that the recent market crashes have become much easier to cope with after joining the community. Crypto technologies are all great, but psychological health is still very important.
    - The platform is a very convenient tool that allowed me to get into many serious projects very early, often providing various advantages/bonuses.
    - Alpha reports + Digests. Daily reports and digests with new projects and current events in the crypto industry help save a lot of time.
    - In-depth analysis of projects that are definitely worth paying attention to.

  • Rogue

    Moni is there to give me that edge on the market, information is everything and Moni provides daily news in a short & easy to digest format to keep up to date with the latest info. The community also consists of gigabrains and OGs in the space. Project reviews, pre(seed) opportunity, project AMAs, WL spots, daily Alpha reports & more.

  • Smart anon

    Hello, just want to say a few words about Moni Discord, I subscribed last week for 1 month, and I just want to say that it's one of the best groups I have ever seen, congratulations

  • Degen anon

    The team is cooking, members bringing alpha, and using Discover Platform all good; nothing to add, really. just giga love💜 No tweet grinding anymore. Discover platform saves your life. Team members are very proactive, you won't see such a service somewhere in Starbucks, haha. Guys individually communicate with each wizard if any issues appear or a suggestion is coming up. I really feel that the goal is to create a vibe and cozy place. The most enjoyable part is that you can learn something new literally every day with other wizards., so it's not just scam influencers and "alpha callers".

  • Degen anon

    Moni Discover is an incredible tool for those involved in searching for new crypto projects. Thanks to this platform, I have been able to get into some projects at a very early stage, which has often been rewarding or provided me with a better understanding of the project team and their plans. This aspect is crucial when selecting projects to invest in.
    Moni Extension helps me quickly verify projects on Twitter within seconds. I can also check users before responding to them, significantly reducing the chances of falling for fake accounts or being scammed.