• Garrigarrigabrel

    CEO, Dachshund Father, Humble Maker, and Memes enjoyooor. Building magical narratives.

  • Ivanivanresh_no1

    CTO, Tech Lover, kind and communicative person. Not Married.

  • Qmzikqmzik

    Front-end dev that can do something. Food is his passion.

  • time118bolotovma

    CPO, Connoisseur of Jpegs and gas wars

  • Artemartmilitonian

    Chief Designer, Awwwarded. All about product and visual design.

  • SergeiN/A

    Mobile dev, Fan of water: Oceans, Seas, and other liquid stuff.

  • Ilyacocombria

    Community Head, vibes officer, and profit-maxi trader

  • HonkayoHONKA_YO

    Research Lead. "α/β" departament

  • Pepe JonesPepeJonesN

    Artist, Adventurer, and crazy ideas generator

  • Kurata Gukuratagu

    Artist. 2D waifu. Wizards drawer

  • h1m1uh1jpeg

    NFT-researcher, degen-analyst, and Ethereum-maxi