Tracking and analytics platform for Web3: NFTs Tokens and Accounts

Tracking and analytics platform for Web3: NFTs Tokens and Accounts

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Track your NFTs and tokens. Follow Smart Degens. Share your experience with friends and the world.
Moni Genesis NFT

Your gateway to private Moni Community comes with perks and benefits.

The collection is built with community-first and underpromise – overdeliever principles.

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  • Explore Ethereum and Solana NFTs

    Quickly take smart actions depending on Market Insights. Find hidden opportunities by sorting and filtering lists by stats: changes in the collection's volume, holders, and listings. And create Watchlists with your favorite collections.

  • Track NFTs in wallets

    The new feature in the Portfolio section helps you track, analyze and understand the actions you take in Magic Eden and Opensea Marketplaces, so you can see and improve your performance.

  • Notifications

    Notifications make it easier to stay on top of things happening in real-time with your assets in wallets and watchlists. Instantly get the wallets' transactions or collections' anomalies on your lock screen. Notifications appear in the Feed section so that you can check them anytime.

  • Alerts

    Set Alerts manually according to many criteria: price, volume, sales, listings, and the number of holders. Keep a finger on the pulse of the market.

    Swipe on Smart Alerts and go from getting zero information about the Market to being fully informed about Events and News.

  • On-Chain analytics

    Off-Chain analytics

    Follow the Smarts

    A powerful set of wallet labels gives you more information about where the smart cash flow is. Thanks to our algorithm and analysts' manual work, you can get data about them in real-time.

    Follow the Trends

    Moni puts important collection information at your fingertips, including anomalies in Listings, Volume, Sales, and Holders. And makes it simple to be on edge.

  • Explore web3 people accounts

    Share your wallets and achievements with your friends and the world. Follow Blue Chip holders, Succesfull traders, Fund Analysts, and other Big Brains on-chain activity and new followings on Twitter. So, you know where to start, and don't miss out on the next hidden Blue Chip.

  • Data Aggregator

    Get up-to-date aggregated data on the collection, such as volumes, floor price, percentage of NFTs for sale, and more, thanks to the coverage of even more marketplaces such as Blur, X2Y2, LooksRare, Sudoswap.

  • AI estimated price

    Get exclusive access to fair price calculations for a particular NFT based on rarity, bids, popularity, and other variables. Machine learning algorithms help you with predicting the best listing prices.

    Never underestimate

    The market is wrong sometimes, so you get the opportunity to buy for a reasonable price and sell higher.

    Never overestimate

    The Upshot API helps Moni to break the roller coaster between taking profits or holding your NFTs. Also, you won’t pay an unfair price on the secondary market. Sometimes it's better to buy the floor than something rare.

Moni Wizards

Private community of giga researchers, builders, and extraordinary creatives.
WAGMI by generating value together.

Early NFTs and projects found and delivered in Reports:

Alpha Reports

It takes time to build strong relationships and culture. That's why we're building our community gradually and organically.

  • We've been working on finding early alpha stuff for more than 2 years already. Every freaking day.
  • Research, on-chain analysis, and experience of Moni members are generating secondary market opportunities.
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Content and Tools

  • Daily alpha reports with early projects and interesting upcoming Mints
  • Magic bots spotting alpha on Twitter and on-chain
  • Curated Lists of wallets and Twitter accounts
  • Smart Money following Alerts
  • other community tools
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We track, review, and curate new projects in real-time. 4000+ projects are already in the database.Take a look at this beautiful madness