Gateway to Utility and Value

Moni Wizards NFT – is the key to the Private Moni Community, packed with perks and benefits.

This Collection is built with community-first and under promise – overdeliver principles.

loveTrusted by top web3 communities and their teams, members and holders
Moni Wizardseth
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The Community

  • Tops of Degenscore and Debank Leaderboards;
  • Holders of BAYC, NounsDAO, PROOF, Azuki, Pudgy Penguins, Moonbirds, CloneX, etc.;
  • Chads in different hats: Founders, Devs, Degens, Traders, Investors and Influencers.

Wizards perks and benefits

  • Community & Tools
  • Moni Discover
  • Alpha Reports
  • Early access to Moni features
  • Web3 Digital Identity

Community & Tools

  • Private Community of Degens, Builders, and Creatives.
  • Community calls and AMAs with notable web3 guys and Moni Team.
  • In-Depth Research, Advanced Bots, and cutting-edge Tools.
  • Exclusive Good partnership raffles. That's the team's mission to discover the early gems

Moni Discover

Off-chain analytics platform leverages Machine Learning for quickly finding and tracking early Web3 projects.

Explore new alpha, followed by Smarts, with powerful Insights. And don’t miss any vital updates, news, or tweets with Fast Alerts to Telegram/Discord.

Alpha Reports

We track, review, and curate new projects in real-time. 4000+ projects are already in the database.

Take a look at this beautiful madness

Our Researchers have been digging and finding alpha gems for more than 2 years already.

Early NFTs and projects found and delivered in Reports:

brainLearn More

Early access to new Moni features

  • Notifications
  • Alerts
  • Off-chain & On-chain analytics
  • Fundraising Data
  • Multiple Watchlists
  • Web3 people accounts
  • Insights and Feed
  • List of VCs, DAOs, Smarts and other web3 OGsList of Smarts and web3 OGs
Do you even praise the art, Monian?Gallery

How it works

  • Own the data
  • Research with the Community
  • Outplay the market


  • How to get WL?

    You need to have the Wizards Intern role in Moni Discord and submit the form.

  • Wen mint? What price?

    Mint will occur on our website. The prices of the waves are different and will be announced on our social networks.

  • Can I sell my Moni NFT token?

    Sure, you’re welcome to sell the NFT if you no longer want access to the holders-only Moni Alpha and to the Moni Platform and tools. If you wish to come back, Moni Wizards NFTs are available on OpenSea.

  • Do secondary buys on Opensea get all benefits and perks?

    Yes. Any wallet that contains Moni Wizards NFTs can verify in Discord and get all benefits.

  • How do I get the new Moni features early?

    Once you have the NFT – you can verify it on the platform by connecting your wallet via Metamask, Rainbow, or another Wallet Connect option. We will verify that you’re a holder and grant all accesses you need.

  • Who’s behind this project?

    Moni is built by a small team of web3 enthusiasts, developers, creatives, and analysts. Learn more about the Team.

  • Is NFT granting a lifetime membership?